Screens: Sneak a peek at inFamous’ smokin’ new guy


infamous-second-son-8There hasn’t been much to report on inFamous: Second Son since the PlayStation 4  announcement revealed the new addition to the franchise. New protagonist, new beginnings and nary a peep since dropping a Keanu Reeves looking protagonist in gamers’ laps.

Developer Sucker Punch Productions has released a few new screens, but still no sign of actual gameplay as yet. Looks like you’ll have to hold out until E3 for more, as will we.

Enjoy these screens until then.


Protagonist Delsin Rowe channels Ghost Rider


Alas poor Keanu, I knew him well


Pew pew!


Dance monkey boy, dance!


Some super-powered beings just smoulder


This will not end well for you, pal

I can’t speak for the rest of you, but this franchise has been one of my favourite’s of all time and I can’t wait to see where they take the morally ambiguous powers this time around. Especially since Delsin has the ability to absorb other conduit’s powers.

What say you? We want to know. Chime up in the comments down below.

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