Screens: Lose your mind over Batman: Arkham Origins


Batman-Arkham-Origins-Batman-Drops-On-Black-Mask-GoonsIt’s Christmas Eve. Rather than decking the halls with some ho ho hoes, Batman is up against eight assassins out to cash in the bounty on his head, generously donated by crime lord Black Mask. It’s Die Hard in Gotham. So much for a silent (dark) night.

With DC scribe Geoff Johns guiding the project and taking inspiration from Batman: Year One and Legends of the Dark Knight you can expect a rougher around the edges Caped Crusader constantly on the back foot and even doubting his abilities. It’s looking a treat thus far and while we’re stinging for more, these screens will have to do.


Bashing through the snow…

Batman Arkham Origins_Black Mask01

So boss, why do they call you Black Mask?

Batman Arkham Origins_ Screenshot011

You’re about two seconds away from becoming a real live chimney sweeper


I’m Batman… errr… I mean, Deathstroke

Batman Arkham Origins_Batman_Screenshot_2

That Batman, he’s so hot right now

Batman Arkham Origins_ Screenshot005

OK guys, keep an eye out for a large bat-like creature skulking in the shadows

Batman Akrham Origins_ Screenshot002

The irony of Batman unloading a Superman punch is not lost on us


Now I have a batarang… ho ho ho

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  • Chad Wheeler

    “I’m Batman… errr… I mean, Deadshot”

    The obsessive compulsion to correct you comes out here as it happens to be Deathstroke and not Deadshot.

    Otherwise, them pictures is real purdy like.

  • kozeeii

    Wot you on about? It was totes Deathstroke ;p

    My bad, I’ve been watching too much Arrow lately and my brain got all confused like.