Screens: Grand Theft Auto V embraces thug life


Grand Theft Auto V High-Resolution Artwork_trunkWith gameplay information slowly starting to trickle out (we hope to get eyes-on very soon) via hands-off looks, Rockstar Games released this selection of screens to compliment the previews. Draw your own conclusions, well back them up as soon as we can.


Dude! Which part of “no monkey business” didn’t you understand?


From Cuba, aye? So what’s it carrying de cocaine or cigars?


Grove Street 4 life muthufukkas!


Franklin was pretty psyched about his audition for Biker Boyz 2


Trevor wanted in as well, but when Trevor gets involved…


… the Police aren’t ever too far behind


Alpha and Bravo were so pissed with Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel they left heir own franchise


Suck it Vin Diesel!


Looks like dem Duke boys got themsleves in a right heap of trouble


Trevor struck out in Biker Boyz 2 but he was a shoe-in for Nic Cage’s stunt double in Dive Angry

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