Interview: Christian Arretche on Trion Worlds’ Defiance



Much like Defiance forged new ground as a TV show and massive multiplayer online game (MMO), rawDLC collaborated with The Sci Fi Show for this irreverent extended interview with Christian Arretche, design development manager at Trion Worlds.


Enough with bug spray jokes guys…

Josh and Dave from rawDLC and The Sci Fi Show’s eccentric host Oscar Hillerstrom caught up with Christian at the Westin Hotel and discussed at length the TV show, the game and the ups and downs of an on going development process with a few insane little tangents along the way.

Listen to it live by clicking the above player or hit download to enjoy it at your leisure.

Huge thanks to the The Sci Fi Show’s Oscar Hillerstrom for tag teaming this interview and to Christian Arretche for giving us this massively extended interview and for being one hell of an approachable, entertaining and all around nice guy.

*Insert Easy Rider soundtrack here*

*Insert Easy Rider soundtrack here*

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