Free Shit: Win Metro: Last Light and the original novel


Metro Last LightTo celebrate the launch of Metro: Last light this week we have a couple of prize packs to giveaway thanks to Deep Silver. Want to win a copy of the game and the novel the franchise is based on, Metro 2033 byDmitry Glukhovsky? Read on past the jump.

Check it. The picture is almost the same size as the actual game o_O!

Graffiti vandals were bolder post-apocalypse. Screw tagging the train, they tagged the whole freaking tunnel!

We’re pleased as punch to give away our first R18+ title. Take note all entrants must be over 18 years of age.

Want to win a copy of the game and the novel? It’s simple. Just write a caption for the screenshot below and email your answer, name, address and phone number to

Four dudes, one pipe-bomb? T-minus 3 seconds to achievement unlocked

Four dudes, one pipe-bomb? T-minus 3 seconds to achievement unlocked

Make sure it’s 25 words or less and note that while we don’t mind a bit of crudeness, those that attack race or sex will be removed and disqualified. You can only enter once so take your time and make your answer count.

The winners will each receive a copy of Metro: Last Light on their format of preference (we have one on PS3 and Xbox360) and a copy of the novel Metro 2033.


Game of Skill

Competition commences on 16/05/13 and concludes on 22/05/11 at 11:59pm. Entry is open to all residents of Australia, but excludes the rawDLC hosts. One submission per entrant only. Entrants must provide telephone number, address contact details and format preference for the prize as well as a caption for the above screenshot in 25 words or less. This is a Game of Skill which contains no element of chance, and which will be judged by Dave Kozicki and Josh Philpott on the 23/05/13. Entrants must be over 18 years of age. Two winners will receive one copy of Metro: Last Light  on either Xbox 360 or PS3 and a copy of the novel Metro 2033, as detailed above. Prizes will be mailed to winners at the address nominated in their entries. The promoters take no responsibility for lost or misdirected entries, and no correspondence will be entered into.

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  • Chad Wheeler

    Just to confirm, there are no PC copies? I’ll probably still enter this one anyway as I actually have a decent caption thought up.

  • kozeeii

    That’s right Chad. We have one copy on PS3 and one on Xbox360.