Free Shit: Defiance competition winners


Defiance-Review-HeaderWe’ve got a lot of love for the TV/online shooter crossover Defiance. The show is damn solid and the game, while buggy is oddly compelling. We recently ran a give-away  Were you one of the lucky three who tickled our funny bones, making us giggle for the win?

To win all you had to do was caption the below screenshot in 25 words or less.


Chill brah, chill! No need to Hulk out on us.

Here are the three winning captions.

Take him down quick, he was sent by the network to cancel the show!” – Michael Towns

Shit… I guess Pacific Rim was a documentary after all!” – Jade O’Shea

Kill it! Kill it with fire! Why the fuck are you two not firing!! This blue pew-pew laser is just not working!” – Matthew White

Great job guys. Congratulations to you all. The rest of you who didn’t win, fret not and stay tuned…

We have a brand new competition kicking off tomorrow!

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  • Snake

    Thanks guys

  • Chad Wheeler

    Grats to the winners!