For Your Ears Only: Geeks vs. nerds and four letter words


nerd_vs_geek_by_shinigamisgem-d46pmxjCan’t we all just get along? There are enough four letter words used to insult and humiliate, but geeks and nerds still feel the need to draw up battle lines and even argue what defines each side. Isn’t it time to put aside the hate and collaborate?

Which side are you on? We're on both!

Which side are you on? We’re on both!

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385020_432655466792290_1839397873_nRae Johnston is a one woman, Twitter follower generating, BioShock Infinite spoiling, assuming douchebag smackdown machine. When she’s not out fighting crimes against geekdom using her gaming powers for good or reading the latest Wonder Woman, she’s working her magic as Social Media and Gaming Editor at Techlife, or acting, or modelling, or… whatever.


thumbnailDanii ‘Facelips’ Johnstone is a Writer, Musician, Improv Comic and Gamer since the age of 4. She can often be found playing retro games from her childhood. She loves playing pranks (and is damn good at it), her fancy dress costume of choice is always zombie/zombie hunter and she often screams ‘LEEEEERROOOOOOOOOOOOOOY JENKINS!’ while playing competition dodgeball.

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