Artsy-Fartsy: Wolfenstein: The New Order concept art


Return-to-Castle-Wolfenstein-wolfenstein-25491948-1024-768With the official announcement of Wolfenstein: The New Order we’re all aflutter ready to get back to killin’ Nazis B.J. Blazkowicz style . To celebrate we’ve found a juicy selection of high-res renders and concept art for you to drool over. Hört zu!

(Click on each picture to view in the original glorious high resolution)


I vill only ask you one more time, who tooken mine Sauerkraut?


Production begins on Iron Sky II’s Death Star




Filthy Kraut must’ve been three days to retirement


The city design is a tribute to German efficiency and functionality


Sorry guys, no amount of armour will save you from B.J. Blazkowicz




There you have it peeps, another round of awesome concept work. Props to the team at MachineGames.

What do you think? Is now the right time for a new Wolfenstein game? Are you liking what you see?

Throw a comment in the field below and give us your two cents.

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