Review: Trials Evolution: Gold Edition (PC)


trials-evolution-gold-e-50f9626ccf56aThe Trials series has always been one of my favourites. Every time a new version comes out I end up staying up way too late earning callused fingers from hitting retry. After Ubisoft tossed me the new PC only Gold Edition, I decided to go back and drag myself through hell all over again.

Easy now

Easy now, don’t edge too far forward

For those who have yet to try out the Trials Evolution experience, the core mechanics are easy. Simply guide your bike rider along a death defying track using a combination of speed and agility to keep yourself alive through a roller-coaster of pain. This is done by shifting the weight of your rider backwards or forwards and pumping accelerator or brake. The game’s engine physics handles the rest.

At the start the game takes it easy on you giving simple levels to teach you the basics of jumping and landing. Once you begin to get your head around the principals, developer RedLynx lets off the hand brake and takes you on a journey of awesome highs and controller breaking lows.

Game can be dame pretty

Trials Evolution can be damn pretty when it wants to be

Once the training wheels are off, Trials Evolution will show you why it is one of the most loved (and hated) physics based puzzle games around. Tracks will have you navigating huge ramps, giant loop de loops and explosive death traps usually all packed with impressively difficult feats of dexterity and focus. Players are challenged to try and race through the course, crashing as little as possible while trying to get the best lap time.

On top of the obviously important personal challenges and achievements, Trials Evolution will also pit you against your friends with their records showing up visually as a ghost racer, taunting you as you race and bringing with it a whole new level of addiction. This combined with the never-ending “just one more try” nature of play keeps you coming back for more, constantly pushing you to do better.

Remember to stick your landings.

Remember to stick your landings

Trials Evolution: Gold Edition is a brilliant package and the most comprehensive Trials game to date. Not only does it supply the outstanding Trials Evolution and its incredibly in-depth level editor, but it also comes with the original Trials HD as well. At the bargain basement price-tag this bundle is well worth the money and then some.

Bar an incredibly convoluted installation process Trials Evolution: Gold Edition is a wonderful pick up and play puzzle game perfect for while you’re waiting for lengthy World of Warcraft updates or just looking to kill some time. Trials is a series every gamer worth their salt should experience at least once. Just be warned, you may lose more than a few hours of sleep over it.


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  • PSIress

    I’ve been waiting for this to come out ever since I heard about it. I’d almost bought evolution the day before this news hit. Lucky save!

    How much is it?

  • DoGM3At

    $24.95 I think