Josh’s top five characters in Injustice: Gods Among Us


injustice_021213_1280As we hit full stride in our week long tribute to Injustice: Gods Among Us, it only seems right that as rawDLC’s beat ’em up expert Josh weighs in on his favourite characters so far. After hours of deliberation and discussion here are his top five picks.

So many choices

So many choices

5 – Wonder Woman


Playing as Wonder Woman felt a little strange at first. Rather than using signature moves she has two different stances. The default has her floating off the ground and primarily using her whip. These attacks are fast but lack the punch to pull off a major amount of damage. This changes drastically once you drop to the ground. She breaks out the sword and shield and then its all about the hurt.

I can't help it. "Get over here!"

I can’t help it. “Get over here!”

4 – Deathstroke


Bullets don’t carry all that much weight against super heroes, but Deathstroke is more than just a hired gun. Sure, swordplay, guns and gadgets make up the basis of his attacks, but it’s his speed that often proves to be thee equalizer. Much like Batman, his fighting style does take a while to get used to, however, once you have a handle on the timing his combinations are utterly lethal.

Block this

Block this

3-  Lex Luthor


Lex Luthor is a textbook heavy character. His moves are painfully slow and a missed opportunity can cost you a chuck of your health bar. Lex has always been about strategically planning and executing. Play him the same way. His signature move activates a shield to absorb damage. His sheer power is devastating once a combo begins with a solid balance of short and mid range attacks.

Science is cool

Science. You can’t argue with that

2 – Cyborg


Power and quickness don’t usually go hand in hand when it comes to brawlers, but Cyborg excels at both. Use his superior speed to get close. Then unleash a short burst of powerful attacks to deal heavy damage. Whip out his pulse gun after a barrage of hits and send your opponent flying across the room. This causes a wicked amount of hurt and can be the final crushing blow to an enemy.


Here comes the boom!

1 – Green Arrow


Green Arrow is probably best described as the Ryu from Street Fighter in Injustice: Gods Among Us. Intensely fast, he has an obscenely painful long range attack with his signature arrows. He can quickly shift gears to keep opponents off  balance hitting them from all angles. He is the perfect character for beginners to learn the ropes with and is utterly devastating in the hands of a seasoned pro.

You missed! I won't...

You missed! I won’t…

What is your take? Agree? Disagree? Feel free to give us your top five.

Toss a comment down below. We want to know!

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  • The Chad

    My top five in no particular order would be Flash (really good for beginners and can lay down lots of attacks really quickly), Green Arrow (for all of the reasons you mentioned), Deathstroke (for all of the reasons you mentioned), Aquaman (is difficult to master but once you can get his moves and combos down he becomes pretty godly) and five would be a tie between Supes and Doomsday (Supes is easy to learn the basics with, but has enough variety in moves to become dangerous in the right hands and Doomsday is similar to cyborg in that he moves pretty quickly but can deal out a tonne of damage, not to mention his hardened shell armour special move thing that can soak up a good bit of damage.)

  • blobbyfish101

    1) Flash (Elseworld)
    3)Scorpion(Mortal combat X)
    4)Aqua man (regime)
    5)Bat girl