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ROCCAT-Logo_Standard_Horizontal-b_blackJust as clothes maketh the man, exceptional tech is essential for high end gaming. Gear is a new section where we take a look at some of the coolest tech and peripherals gamers can get to enhance their PWNage of lesser gamers. First up, the ROCCAT ISKU FX.


Is there anything you can’t customize?

A keyboard is half of a PC gamer’s existence. Sure, the mouse offers the precision and damage dealing, but the keyboard is where all of the thinking happens. Movement is a key element and a PC player must have far more at his disposal than just mere direction. Customization is the key and all the PC gamers I know will each have at least a handful of personalized settings for gaming. The Roccat ISKU FX has got you covered, and then some.

The Basics

As a keyboard the Roccat ISKU FX is surprisingly comfortable. The palm rest is huge and perfectly supports the hands over long periods of intense gaming. All of the keys are well positioned with the macro keys (programmable key combinations) and thumb keys reachable with only a small wrist movement. The media keys sit nicely at the top of the keyboard with all of them adaptable to use to with your favourite programs or shortcuts. The colours can be turned off via a button for daytime use and macros can be set on the fly using the record button. Also, unlike some brands, Roccat has managed to make the whole keyboard run off a single USB port, freeing up slots for those with limited ports on offer.

The palm rest is one of the ISKU FX's best features

The palm rest is one of the ISKU FX’s best features

Pimp My Keyboard

The Roccat ISKU FX has a ridiculous level of customization. Aside from 16.8 million colours to choose from the keyboard has six lighting levels for either showing off, or to add your own spark of individuality. Choices include a grouping of base colours, custom hues and a colour flow  cycling randomly. The customisation is off the charts. Not only can you assign the five macro side keys and three thumb keys, but Roccat has also added a feature for those who want more quick keys called “Easy Shift”. Easy Shift allows you to use Caps Lock as a macro based shift key letting gamers apply an extra twenty macros for those who need quick access to abilities or commands on MMOs (Massively Multiplayer Online games) or instant access during intense FPS (First-Person Shooters) gameplay.


Sleek and dead sexy

Sharing Is Caring

Not everyone is lucky enough to get their own computer. Families especially suffer from the same issues in gaming that you do with the shower or the TV. Sharing. Macro choices and how you like your keyboard set up are painful to re-customize, however Roccat has come up with an awesome solution, five different profile set ups. Each set up changes not only the media keys and macros but also the colour scheme and the Easy Shift. While experimenting I created a main profile suitable for FPS games with a thumb key crouch and Steam menu macros, plus an RTS (Real Time Strategy) one with quick chat commands and unit producing quick keys. Each have their own unique style and colour set up.

rawDLC verdict

The Roccat ISKU FX is a great buy. Australian retailers sell it for about $100 dollars, which puts it the affprdable price bracket and based on its features it is an incredibly competitive option. For those looking to move from the provided base keyboard to something more substantial, this is an excellent first choice. There are plenty of options to play with and the profile switching makes it ideal for households sharing their shardware. The Roccat ISKU FX is tough, smart and comfortable, all at an affordable price point and worth every dollar.

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