For Your Ears Only: Spoiling BioShock lnfinite – part II with Mark Ankucic



Continuing our mammoth dissection of BioShock Infinite with Mark Ankucic from Dusty Cartridge we look at the nature of fate, illusion of free will and the weight the consequences of choice brings with it. As with the previous post, there be spoilers ahead.

Elizabeth is not to be trifled with

Elizabeth is not to be trifled with

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You can find guest host Mark Ankucic over at Dusty Cartridge.

480141_10152265152835174_1806523960_n-e1357121429470Mark ‘The Viking Gamer’ Ankucic is a no holds barred gaming journalist. Whether he’s pursuing the intellectual depths of Mario or learning how to beat AI on a medium setting, Mark brings the passion and force of a Viking to all of his articles.

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  • The Chad

    SPOILER ALERT!!! Just anyone on this page didn’t get that through their head.

    The part where you guys were discussing what made going back to that scene at the river to drown Combooker/Bookstock so important, I have some input on that.

    The two universes where Booker is at the river can end with either him being baptised and more or less be “reborn” as Comstock or he can run away from it and stay as Booker. Elizabeth takes him to that moment and drowns him to stop both of those universes from ever happening, making both Comstock and Columbia not exist, potentially even removing Elizabeth from further existence.

    What I kind of took away was that those universes where Booker contemplated or participated in that baptism no longer exist, making the events of Bioshock: Infinite more or less a really interesting “What if?” story.

    Keep in mind I could have missed details somewhere and be completely full of shit.

  • Nathan Ratsavanah

    Comstock (never had kids) wants to take Anna from Booker because he was sterile due to the siphon use. He needed a successor to Columbia and of course he wanted a child with his genetic DNA.
    Also when you are being drowned in the end (all “Elizabeths” come to drown every Booker when he comes to the baptising), “Elizabeth” ceases to exist (and dissapears) because Comstock ceases to exist and does not steal Anna from Booker…..
    Another thing was that with choice is that “choices” are variables, Liz mentions this in the end, “Constants and variables”. Constants are certain things that will happen (which Comstock had predicted) and variables are the choices you make, (bird or cage, kill slate or let him live, etc.)…..Oh oh oh … another thing was the fucking acheivement/trophy “Saw the Elephant” it made so much sense on the second playthrough because the plot is hand fed to you throughout the game but your so oblivious to it (for some reason) … i.e Comstock says something like “The prophet is the sinner, and the sinner is you” IT JUST STRAIGHT UP TOLD YOU THAT YOU WERE COMSTOCK! … in a religious mumbo jumbo way.
    That’s my 2 cents.