For Your Ears Only: Spoiling BioShock lnfinite – part I with Mark Ankucic

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BioShock Infinite deserves more than just a mere podcast review. It needs discussion and contemplation of its implications, so we sat down for an epic chin wag with our pal Mark Ankucic from Dusty Cartridge. Ye be warned, there be spoilers ahead.

Surfing USA

Surfing USA

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You can find guest host Mark Ankucic over at Dusty Cartridge.

480141_10152265152835174_1806523960_n-e1357121429470Mark ‘The Viking Gamer’ Ankucic is a no holds barred gaming journalist. Whether he’s pursuing the intellectual depths of Mario or learning how to beat AI on a medium setting, Mark brings the passion and force of a Viking to all of his articles.


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