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JL-logo2With Injustice: Gods Among Us plastered all over our site this week I got a little, well, inspired. I couldn’t help but muse over what the DC Universe could do with a super powered mash up ala The Avengers. Here are my picks for who could suit up for the challenge.

Given the public’s knowledge of most of the Justice League core members I’m looking at the big five. As much as Id love to see The Martian Manhunter and Aquaman I don’t know how well they’d translate across so I’m sticking with Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Flash. This is ignoring any previous movies cast or upcoming releases. Consider it a blank slate.

Superman – Matt Bomer


Just look at this guy. With his perfectly symmetrical face and all American good looks, he’s the living embodiment of Mom and apple pie, so why not truth and justice as well? After watching Matt Bomer for years in his reoccurring role as Bryce Larkin in Chuck it wasn’t until his stint on the DC animated Superman Unbound that it all just fell into place. I wish I could take credit for this revelation but it was voice director extraordinaire Andrea Romano who realised not only does Matt possess the physical prowess and looks, but he also has the bearing and voice to suit the Man of Steel.

Batman – Karl Urban


Karl ‘muthufukking’ Urban. Yes, I know it’s not his middle name but I’ve loved the guy in everything I’ve seen him in, even Doom. He’s definitely got the rugged good looks and sophistication to easily tackle suave and debonair Bruce Wayne, and unlike Christian ‘hook me up with a lozenge’ Bale he would absolutely nail the voice. He’d only have to slightly tweak the same performance he delivered in Dredd. Add to the mix his sheer size and action movie portfolio and he’d be one hell of an imposing Dark Knight.

Wonder Woman – Alexa Davalos


Best known for her role as Kyra in The Chronicles of Riddick, Alexa Davalos offers a whole lot more than a mere physical similarity to the princess of Themyscira. She more than convincingly held her own as the plucky sidekick to Vin Diesel’s Riddick with a towering presence and convincing kick-arse abilities considering her lithe physique. She’s also vamped it up in Angel as a sultry jewel thief and would wonderfully balance the necessary strength, grace, beauty and charm a capable Amazonian princess would and should possess.

Green Lantern – Bradley Cooper


When I think of Hal Jordan as Green Lantern the words that come to mind are brash, hot-headed and cocksure. Yet underneath all the bluster there’s a honesty and sense of earnest that somehow tempers the previous more douchey qualities and manages to filter through. That basically describes my view on Bradley Cooper’s career. I couldn’t stand him initially, but as his film choices diversified I saw the true actor shine through and had to eat my previous sentiments, much like the OA with Jordan when he was first recruited to the Green Lantern Corps. I’d love to see Nathan Fillion take on the role, particularly as he’s done a brilliant job as Green Lantern in animated format, but he’s a little too old for the part now.

Flash – Chris Pine


Call me crazy but I’ve always seen the Flash, as far as his contribution to The Justice League is concerned, as nothing more than comic relief. There’s an impishness and youthful exuberance to the character who usually steps aside for the “heavy hitters” to take charge and save the day. I think this would be a crucial element to help relieve tension at pivotal moments in the film and Chris Pine’s self assured and whimsical smirk constantly springs to mind. I know this is the least comic book savvy choice and purely by whim but I can’t get the vision of him wise-cracking to Batman as the world’s about to end out of my head.

So what do you guys think? Whole-heartedly agree? Adamantly disagree? Add your thoughts in the comments below.

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Dave Kozicki

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  • The Chad

    A good list of choices. I totally agree with you on all of them, but Matt Bomer as Superman especially. I never would have thought of Karl Urban for Batman but I could see it working.

    Just out of curiosity and despite your worry that they wouldn’t transfer to film very well, who would you choose for Aquaman and Martian Manhunter?

  • kozeeii

    Lance Reddick would be outstanding as Martian Manhunter and after seeing him blond in Prometheus I think Michael Fassbender could actually make Aquaman not suck.

  • The Chad

    Lance Reddick would be my number one choice for Martian Manhunter too. I can picture Fassbender as Aquaman, but I would also accept someone like Jensen Ackles if he could manage to rock the blond hair.

  • Tyrell John

    Alexa Davalos as wonder woman would have been incredible. She is only 34 and she has done some amazing performances. I think she could have taken Wonder Woman to the top & held her own as the lead character in her own movie…BUT we didn’t get that and I still can not figure out why WB went with Gal Gadot.