Artsy-Fartsy: Injustice Gods Among Us concept art


DC_Injustice_Gods_Among_Us_Concept_Art_MN17aAs we gear up for the upcoming weekend our tribute to Injustice: Gods Among Us this week continues. In Artsy-Fartsy we take look at some of the amazing concept art floating around the Internet for this stylish one-on-one comic book brawler. Check it out!


Onslaught fashionably rocking the XXXXXXXL shorts from The Hulk collection


Digging the subtle variations in the alternate Superman design


Cyborg – The Swiss Army knife of super heroes


Nightwing looks perpetually grumpy, probably cause he’s seeing red


Who does green better, and who is green with envy? (OK, no more puns we promise)


Be wary of the crazy ones


There you have it,  just some of the sweet sweet work from the team at NetherRealm Studios.

What do you think? Are you playing Injustice: Gods Among Us this Weekend?

Let us know by chucking a comment below and have a great weekend.

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