Artsy-Fartsy: BioShock: Infinite concept art


bioshock_infinite_wallpaper-770x481With the anticipation growing over our Bioshock: Infinite podcast next week, it only seemed right to scour the net in search of some dead sexy artwork for this week’s Artsy-Fartsy. Check out some of the brilliant concept work and fan art floating (pun intended) around the web.

(All images are high resolution. Click on each picture to view in the original resolution)

rawd dlc bioshock

Which one looks more creepy?


Scary and offensive, an effective and confronting double-tap


Uhh, lady? I think you’re gonna need more than a broom


Mr. DeWitt? What are you aiming at?


Friendly looking so and so


Fly on down to the Cabaret!


So there you have it gang, exceptional art artwork for an exceptional game!

Enjoying BioShock: Infinite so far? Have you finished it? Chuck a comment below and let us know!

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  • The Chad

    Finished it, fucking loved it and if I didn’t have one hell of a backlog I’d be smashing out a 1999 playthrough.

  • kozeeii

    Agree on all counts. Check the podcast Wed. We’ll be getting balls deep into BioShock: Infinite.