Opinion: Why Thief won’t slip quietly into the night


1362497018-x1Niche games often get an incredibly bad rap. Without titles such as Thief you wouldn’t see stealth elements in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Dishonored or even Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Now that the reboot is finally a reality here’s a few reasons why you should care.

Bows… they’re so hot right now

Guns are so 90s

Guns are so last year

Unless you have been living under a gaming rock you would have noticed a lot of current games have been driving towards bow styled weapons. They can thank Thief for that idea. The original Thief utilised bow use surprisingly effectively. Not only was it an incredibly visceral way to dispatch targets but it branched out to include the likes of water arrows to put out torches and moss arrows to dampen sounds of movement. Thief protagonist Garrett’s bow looks like an exceptionally powerful weapon and best of all, it’s silent.

Immersion – getting completely lost in the experience

Gonna have to something about those lights

Aziz! Too much light!!

There is something quite special about the way Thief does the stealth experience. When walking in Garrett’s footsteps you really feel like a dab hand at stealth, pick-pocketing and lock-picking. There is no clumsiness to your actions (outside of your own). Everything is precise and deliberate. This is bolstered by the hushed under the breath narration, which really sets the mood. The new to the franchise grappling hook should completely open up your approach to mission objectives. You’re likely to lose hours upon hours to this game.

It’s more than Medieval

Oooo shiny

The story-line behind Garrett and his journey thus far is actually quite deep and intriguing. Without spoiling anything, the franchise delves far beyond mere kings and dirty streets. Thief is set in a class based society where the rich are filthy rich and the poor languish in adverse poverty, are angry and sick. A plague ravages the city, but there is more at work here than just a simple disease. The series has breached the realms of the paranormal and the magical before, and based on the above image, this latest version should be no exception.

Your very own hideout 

Tell ’em what time it is

Even if you can only return fleetingly between missions, having somewhere to hang your hood gives you a safe moment’s respite. Garrett is holding up in a wicked looking clock tower and I am excited to see what its functionality will be. Can you use it as a hub to fence stolen goods? Maybe upgrade your equipment? Perhaps you could even practice your skills. No matter what, this is a welcome addition to the Thief universe.

This freaking trailer

Game Informer got in contact with Eidos Montreal and squeezed some juicy information out of them. Though there was no actual gameplay, they do let slip some of the sweet weapon designs, detail the motion capture process and a few other odds and sods from some of the development team.

So what do you guys think? Are you excited about this reboot? Worried? Do you want to see more? Less?

Chuck in a comment below and toss in your two cents!

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