Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Survival Guide: Lesson 3 – Co-op


MH3G-Lagiacrus_Subspecies So you think you’re a big bad hunter now. Good for you. As time moves on you’ll find it gets a lot tougher and when it does, having some help goes along way. In Monster Hunter no matter if they are friends or strangers, the hunt is always better with a little back-up. So let’s talk co-op.

1 – Online 101

Your home away from home

Your home away from home

Find friends

Unlike the earlier PSP versions the newer Wii and Wii U releases give you the option to take your experience online (if you can ever get online). Otherwise there is still the older school method of meeting up with people in person (crazy, I know). Whatever your method finding a dedicated group of friends makes the experience a lot more rewarding. If you can get online, don’t forget to “friend” like-minded hunters. You will need as many as you can if you’re in it for the long haul.

Share your goals

Monster Hunter is about hitting milestones, be it a creature you want to best or parts you need for a new weapon. Sharing such goals means the team can knock it out significantly quicker. As you hunt more often with the same crew you can sync your goals, formulate a plan and execute it. Everyone wins.

2 – Tactical teamwork

I like these odds

I like these odds

Stick together

Running off gives you nothing. Glory hogs do not benefit in any major way so stay as a group to get the job done quicker. Fighting as a team means that your foe has more to focus on. Taking the “agro” or attention off a wounded friend can give them time to use potions and sharpen weapons before jumping back into combat. There is one exception however, fetch quests. Collecting large amounts of mushrooms or something to that effect is a breeze is you divide up the map. In sync hunters can clear these missions in minutes.

Have a plan

When you have played a few rounds with the same co-op partner,s and start to understand each other’s play styles, you can start to divvy up the tasks at hand. Work your gunners into healing duties (healing bullets are a godsend in a pinch), have someone else focused on keeping the creature tagged and always have the newest players on crowd control as they learn the ropes. Smaller enemies are a major irritation and removing them is almost a full time job in some areas. As an added bonus it is a great way to come to grips with the control system.

 3 – Diversify


Ok, Operation Don’t Get Killed is a go!

Rotate jobs

Understanding each player’s role  is crucial to ensuring solid team work. Even if consider yourself an expert with a great sword, learning the lances or the bow-guns can help when you need someone to play support or if the enemy requires more long range attention. This can be helpful in single-player too. Certain creatures are a piece of cake when you change your fighting style. It also makes the game far more enjoyable, especially when you’re starting to feeling the repetition set in.

Don’t get stuck, change it up

One of the best things about Monster Hunter is that you are not locked into missions. If you are having a tough time taking down a monster, switch to another mission. Frustration leads to bad tactics and irritation (and obligatory Dark Side references). The mission will still be there later. Take a breather and move on to something different such as collect some supplies or building some snazzy new armour. All of these things will help keep the game from getting old and stale.

So there you have it!, three guides to making Monster Hunter an infinitely more enjoyable experience. You have all the knowledge now grasshopper. Use these tactics and you will be on your way to owning the biggest and most bad-arse creatures the Monster Hunter universe can throw at you!

Don’t forget, if you have a question or some knowledge you would like to pass on feel free to comment down below.

If you missed the other parts to my guide check out my Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Survival Guide: Lesson 1 – Preparation and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Survival Guide: Lesson 2 – The Hunt. May your weapons stay sharp, team-mates focussed and battles only end in victory. Happy hunting!

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  • The Chad

    While I know a 3DS would be cheaper just so I can start playing monster hunter again, I am so getting a vita (more games that I’m actually interested in) and playing the older ones. These posts have reignited the need for some Monster Hunter in my life.

  • PSIress

    All I ever did was play co-op with two others back on the psp. I miss the days where you would have friends over to play a game or three with drinks, snacks and take away containers everywhere.

    At the same time though I would of never of met some of the awesome people I now play online games with, some of whom are interstate.

    Starting to get the ‘back in my day’ feeling again…