Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Survival Guide: Lesson 2 – The Hunt


fe875fcff58f12ac8b1d4406ed1070baAfter a few words on the basic tips and tactics of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, it’s time to step it up a notch and focus on the skills you’ll need to survive when you are out on the hunt. Let’s talk about how to find, track and take down a monster if you’re crazy enough to be working on your own.

1 – Setting off

Another day at the office

Just another day at the office

Ready up

Before setting out on a mission don’t forget to hit up the town chef and get a cheap boost for your stats. Buy any items needed such as Potions, Meat or Whetstones and then make sure the weapon you’ve equipped is appropriate for what you intend to hunt.

Once you get out of town make sure to grab everything useful out of the blue box you get access to at the start of each mission. Things like first-aid medkits and mini whetstones are a great money saver as they are supplied for free, as well as a lot of mission critical supplies stored here for those who forget to bring their own.

Learn the terrain

Even now, with levels I thought I knew like the back of my hand I occasionally stumble upon a new way to move between areas. These new short cuts can change an entire hunt by allowing you to get ahead of a fleeing enemy and drop a surprise attack. Plus, knowing the locations of items such as herbs and mushrooms can save your life in a desperate moment.

2 – On the hunt

Time to extract some teeth

Time to extract some teeth

Be one with the monster

Most creatures you will fight will have patterns you’ll need to observe, and will most likely stick to certain regions on a map. That said, it is still a good idea to mark your foe with a paintball so they’re easy to spot. Knowing the most likely places a creature will retreat to means that even if things get a little rough, you can always pick up its trail with simple deduction. Be sure to take note of which elements do the most damage. Once you progress along a little further you’ll begin to gather a sizable selection of different elemental weapons, one for every occasion.

Find the weak spots

Every creature has them, some more than others. Attacks to the head can often be a waste of time, especially when facing a Barroth. If a specific body part is heavily protected, strikes will just bounce right off. Probe where to cause the most damage and try to lay as much hurt there as possible. Here’s a pro tip, some creatures will drop items if the sensitive parts have enough damage inflicted on them.

3 – The take down



Take out or take down?

The big call in any hunt is whether or not to kill or capture. On one hand killing the creature is usually quicker and requires a lot less planning. However, if you do manage to capture your beastie instead you reap rewards in the form of more items for gear building and also a chance of scoring some rarer loot.

Don’t stop the music

It is easy to get excited when a creature shows signs of weakening. If it starts to limp, whatever you do don’t get excited. It’s a trap! Some can go into a rage when they get low on health. The trick is to remain fully prepared for the final part of the fight. Tag and release it and track it down later. After the creature has fled, sharpen your weapon, heal yourself and grab a ration or a well-done steak. This way no matter what happens you are in the best state to fight and emerge victorious.

Like a boss

Like a boss

So hunters, how are you enjoying the game? Starting to get the hang of it?

If you have any questions or are a new hunter after advice, ask away in the comments below!

If you missed the other parts to my guide check out my Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Survival Guide: Lesson 1 – Preparation and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Survival Guide: Lesson 3 – Co-op. May your weapons stay sharp, team-mates focussed and battles only end in victory. Happy hunting!

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  • The Chad

    “if you’re crazy enough to be working on your own.” That was me 95% of the time in my MHF/2 days on the PSP, I managed to get up to some of the earlier Elder Dragons by myself. That other 5% was me helping other people get closer to my progress so we could play further but alas my PSP broke before then.

  • PSIress

    My two friends and I played the last MH over three years co-op, I rarely played on my own.

  • DoGM3At

    It’s funny because I have almost always played alone. It’s so much more enjoyable with friends. The hard part is convincing then to wade through the first 4 hours.