Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Survival Guide: Lesson 1 – Preparation


Monster-Hunter-3-Ultimate-1 After all the waiting I could handle Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is out and the hunt has begun. However the Monster Hunter universe is a harsh and unforgiving place, so I am putting together a guide to get you on your way to becoming a bad arse champion hunter. Prepare yourself!

1 – Be prepared

Look out behind you!

Look out behind you!

A lot of the complaining I have heard about the Monster Hunter series is that it contains a lot of busy work. Players are often foraging just to stay alive and the harsh environments can make this a lot worse if you don’t prepare in advance. Before you leave base camp take a moment to check your inventory. Do you have what you need for the mission you are about to set off on? Here is a list of basic items that should always be in your kit:

  • Potions / Mega Potions – So you don’t die. Obviously.
  • Hot / cold drinks – Some areas will exhaust your character. Extreme environments will drain stamina and make a long battle almost impossible. I carry 5 of each at all times, because you never know what might happen.
  • Raw meat – Meat is essential for recovering stamina, but it can also be combined with parashrooms to make a poisoned meat. Always worth carrying some.
  • BBQ Spit – This allows you to cook your raw meat into well done steaks.
  • Pick axe / Mega pick axe – Mining is something you need to do every chance you get Don’t get caught out in a new area without an axe, you may miss out on some rare ore.
  • Whetstone –  You should get in the habit of carrying spare whetstones at all time. You need to keep your weapons sharp after all. Sure, it takes up an inventory slot but running out can mean a lot of wasted time and energy.
  • Paintballs – Monster Hunter is not like other games, boss creatures will run and hide, leaving you running around trying to find them. Throw one of these bad boys at a creature and you will know exactly where they are.

2  – Wax on, wax off (Learn to fight)

Say AHH!

Say AHH!

Sounds simple right? Well it is about 60% of the game, so learning how to do this is paramount.

Know your weapon

Take some time to play around with the different tools of the trade. See what works for you. Some people prefer light and quick weapons while others will strike hard using massive swords or axes. It’s not all about attacks either. Learning when and how to side step with your current weapon is crucial. I’m quite partial to the Switch Axe. This weapon is heavy, so charging enemies are hard to dodge. However, after a swipe my character can sidestep. Get this timing down pat and not only can you avoid getting hit but you are in a prime position for your next attack.

Study your opponent

Before any fight, Google the enemy. Monster Hunter has always been about investigating and your enemies, so don’t feel like it’s cheating as it can save you hours of messing around. Find what its attacks are, what its habits are, and work out what areas it favours. With this information you can turn an hour of running around aimlessly into a fun and focused 20 minute fight. For purists who don’t want to go outside of the game itself, you can buy books on the creatures in the game from the item seller stores in town. Be warned, they can be expensive.

Know when to run

There is no shame in running, especially if your health is low, you have no potions and you are picking yourself up off the ground. There’s no better time to exercise the wonderful art of cowardice. Strategically falling back to a new area can give you much needed time to relax, revive and re-examine your tactics. If you have tagged your enemy you will be able to track their movements so you don’t need to feel pressured to dash back into the fray immediately. Just make it count!

3 –  Pimp out your equipment


Rolling gangsta

As you progress through Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate you will notice that your character does not level up. That’s because Monster Hunter has always been about skill. To keep yourself in the game it is important to upgrade your kit.


The more you play the more you will learn where everything is in each world. As you walk around make sure to collect every ore, skin, bone and fang that you can get your hands on. You’ll use these items to build the sweet new gear you will be salivating over along the way.

Embrace collection missions

Is a creature getting the best of you? Take a break and knock out a side mission to just forage for parts. Consider it the perfect opportunity to clear your head and focus on getting a new weapon that may help turn the tide of your current battle. If you are fighting a fire creature, perhaps try to build armour that is resistant to fire. It all makes sense and ain’t rocket surgery.


Putting jewels into your armour sets adds that little bit more protection. Start building up an expansive colelction and when you find a set you like, add a set of the right gems to boost all sorts of stats!

My eyes! The goggles they do nothing!

My eyes! The goggles they do nothing!

So there you have it, a few small tips to help you survive your Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate experience. There will be more to come over the week so keep your eyes peeled.

Any questions or advice you need don’t be shy, ask away in the comments below.

If you missed the other parts to my guide check out my Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Survival Guide: Lesson 2 – The Hunt and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Survival Guide: Lesson 3 – Co-op. May your weapons stay sharp, team-mates focussed and battles only end in victory. Happy hunting!

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  • The Chad

    There is one thing that would make this game infinitely better. A PS3 release.

  • DoGM3At

    Yeah I know what you mean Chad, I really was bummed out that Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate was not getting a PS Vita release at least!

  • PSIress

    My boyfriend surprised me with the wiiU Monster Hunter bundle on monday – he says it was to cheer me up but I reckon its because he knew that once I got MH, he would never see his wiiU again lol.

    I am hoping the next MH will be on the ps4.