For Your Ears Only: What ever happened to pure stealth-based multiplayer? with Dan Hindes


Splinter_Cell_Chaos_TheoryIt’s been a while, since Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, that pure stealth multiplayer left any lasting impact on online gaming. While it may be incorporated in aspects rawDLC and Sneaky Bastards’ Dan Hindes lament its loss and ponder where it could resurface in the future.

You kill him. No YOU kill him...

You kill him. No you kill him…

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You can find guest host Dan Hindes over at Sneaky Bastards.

Dan_hindesDan Hindes is the Editor of Sneaky Bastards: The Stealth Gaming Blog, and the Editor of PC PowerPlay magazine and bears a striking resemblance to Justin Timberlake.  He once spent seven hours killing a Dishonored NPC 30 different ways. Also, he’s right behind you.

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