For Your Ears Only: Are gamers too quick to pigeonhole horror? – with Anthony O’Connor


horror_in_gaming_thumbThere’s been a little backlash thrown toward Dead Space 3 for supposedly not bringing enough scares to the fold. We grabbed horror film writer Anthony O’Connor to dissect what horror is and why are gamers so quick to judge what should and shouldn’t be part of the genre.

Ain't love grand? Now kiss me you fool

Ain’t love grand? Now kiss me you fool

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For those of you unfamiliar with our good buddy Anthony here’s a blurb about him, by him.

Anthony O’Connor is a writer, film/game critic and scruffy ne’er-do-well. He has written screenplays for the Australian black comedy Angst, the office horror Redd Inc. (with Jonathon Green) and worked with Alex (The Crow) Proyas and Michael (Battlestar Gallactica) Rymer

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  • Kittens

    Anyone who complained that Dead Space 3 is not as “horrory” as the previous titles, clearly didn’t play past the first 10 minutes. 90% of the game is running through derelict ships, or facilities….necromorphs jumping out of everywhere as usual, when you don’t expect it.

  • kozeeii

    I just don’t get it. I had an adult diaper on as I was shitting myself every 3.482094 seconds. Maybe gamers are too desensitised. It’s still horror to me.