For Your Ears Only – Are boss battles still cutting the mustard? – with Anthony O’Connor


mecha-hitler_wolfenstein_3dThere are several schools of thought to end of stage or game bosses. If they’re too tough they run the risk of frustrating and killing the gameplay experience. Too easy or quick time event based and they lack the appropriate impact. Can there be a happy medium between the two?

Grabbing local film-writer and games aficioado Anthony O’Connor (Redd Inc.) the lads from rawDLC take you on an irreverent journey through the ins and outs of classic boss battles, where they are today and what the future holds.

Journey into Hell and spank its master? I got this!

Journey into Hell and spank its master? I got this!

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For those of you unfamiliar with our good buddy Anthony here’s a blurb about him, by him.

Anthony O’Connor is a writer, film/game critic and scruffy ne’er-do-well. He has written screenplays for the Australian black comedy Angst, the office horror Redd Inc. (with Jonathon Green) and worked with Alex (The Crow) Proyas and Michael (Battlestar Gallactica) Rymer

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