Five ways to add more kick-arsery to Just Cause 3

Just cause 3

Just_cause_2-300x225Last week Avalanche Studios teased images of a possible addition to the Just Cause franchise. My mind exploded with possibilities. After I took a breather and got back to reality I did some brainstorming and mused over what could be improved in this action extravaganza.

1 – Jet Packs

Needs more jet pack

Needs more jet pack

Sure, any game is instantly improved with jet packs, however Just Cause is a series that could make this really special. I’m already attached to Rico’s grappling hook, but I would love to zip-line into the air and boost my way up to steal a plane. Also, imagine hooking onto an enemy plane and crashing it by pulling it into a cliff. Fuck yes.

2 – Better driving mechanics

Keep the explosions, just add more coolness.

Keep the explosions, just add more coolness

While Just Cause 2 was an explosive riot to play, all of its fun is centered around planes and guns. The driving was extremely average and I avoided it wherever possible. I want to see some more high speed chases and more insanity from Rico when driving. Perhaps the ability to slow down time, handbrake and shoot at your pursuers. If you mastered this technique you could spin the car back around and keep on driving, feeling like the ultimate bad-arse as you do.

3) Know kung fu

Get over here!

Get over here!

Any action hero worth their salt is adept in hand-to-hand combat, so why not Rico? Getting him to take down an enemy base is often spectacular, but nothing debilitates moral more than beating a few enemies into a bloody pulp while their comrades watch helplessly. This could be enhanced by pulling an enemy over to you ‘Scorpion’  from Mortal Kombat style and then laying a hay-maker across their face. Brutal!

4 – Underwater combat

Spy shit yo!

Spy shit, yo! You got the Thunderballs for it?

Imagine, if you will, using one of those underwater propulsion devices to sneak up on a boat filled with bad guys and dumping an explosive charge on its hull, or using a spear gun to silence an unsuspecting wharf guard. Perhaps even add underwater treasure to keep the achievement hunters busy for hours. Far Cry 3 had great success introducing sharks and underwater capabilities changing how players viewed the ocean around them. What would Rico do? Maybe ride a shark? Possibly while shooting an assault rifle and throwing grenades? Perhaps not, but I would buy it in a heartbeat if he could.

5 – Spy vehicles and gadgetry

Style, now with rocket launchers

Style, now with rocket launchers

Though some shiny new rides would definitely improve how you navigate, I would love to one-up that idea by adding in a bit of firepower. Oil slicks, tire popping wheel hubs and rockets are just the tip of the iceberg. James Bond style tools could really bring an entire new level of fun and would be perfectly at home in the crazy, over the top world of Just Cause. Just imagine…  ejector seats. Drive in, parachute out!

These are just five things off the top of my head which could take Just Cause 3 to new heights.

Do you have any of your own ideas? Feel free to drop a comment below and add your two cents!

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