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Since Dave has been amping us all up for the new mind bending sci-fi spectacle Remember Me from DONTNOD Entertainment, I figured a little more love is in order. Do your eyeballs a favour and check out this rad concept art and kick off  your weekend with a bit of style.

(All images are high resolution. Click on each picture to view in the original resolution)


Slumming it


Remind you of something?

Remember Me 2

Anyone else feeling Blade Runner?


Oh snap, it’s the po-po!


Looks like smoking still hasn’t been outlawed in future gay Paree


See, I told you flares would come back in style


There you go gang, hope you have enjoyed this awesome work from the team at DONTNOD.

Are you excited about this game? What do you think of the art direction? Chuck a comment below!

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  • PSIress

    I do love myself some concept art! I’ve always wanted to draw this well.