Screens: Deadpool is better at whatever Wolverine does!


deadpool_ink_blotWho doesn’t love themselves some Deadpool? He’s the wise-cracking, smart-arsed, healing factor having, fourth-wall breaking anti-hero you love to hate. He’s also a mercenary, highly unstable and perfect fodder for a ridiculously violent and tongue in cheek video game adaptation.

While actual gameplay footage is as rare as a humble moment from D-Pooly the mere fact that High Moon Studios, the developer who managed to make a couple of really awesome Transformers titles, is at the helm is enough for us to let out a deep and satisfying sigh of relief. Here’s a dozen or so screens to whet yer appetite.

Deadpool 3 on 1

Never tell me the odds

Deadpool and BFF Cable


Deadpool BOOM!

Do I even need to say it? Say hello to my…

Deadpool From Behind

Shhh… My common sense is tingling

Deadpool Oops Where's Your Head

Looks like you could use some head, bra!

Deadpool SLICE!

Open your text-books to chapter one – “BOWEL EVISCERATION AND YOU!”

Deadpool PEW PEW!

Fine! Let’s skip you up to “Lead Swallowing” 101…

Deadpool Cable Leaves a Note

You’re breaking my heart

Deadpool WHIRLY!

Dude, I had to hack that off to save you from zombie germs. You should totally put me on your Xmas card list

Deadpool How Many Chops Can a Deadpool Chop

So, a guy goes to a doctor and says “Doctor, it hurts when I do… this!”

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