Podcast: We add a dash of Redd to Dead Space 3


dead_space_3_coopThis week local horror writer Anthony O’Connor (of Redd Inc.) joins the lads to explore the creepy, kooky and altogether spooky Dead Space 3. Buckle up for an uncensored view of the state of play in the gaming world. Tune in 8pm Tuesday AEDST for the interactive rawDLC live feed.

That O'Connor is a surgeon with a Plasma Cutter

That O’Connor is a surgeon with a Plasma Cutter

rawDLC is a podcast like no other. It’s all about giving no-nonsense raw opinions and gaming wisdom from a couple of Australian games writers. The podcast is recorded live at 8pm on Tuesday nights (AEDST) via Ustream with chatroom interaction, so come and join the fun as your hosts realistically break down the latest from the gaming world.

The podcast is uncensored, explicit, honest and doesn’t burden itself with political correctness. An audio-only version of the podcast can be found via iTunes by searching for ‘rawDLC’.

Please take a moment to rate our show, it helps us build a stronger community. The show can be seen after broadcast on the rawDLC Live page.

Special thanks to Kevin MacLeod for supplying the intro track.

Big ups to EA for supplying review copies of Dead Space 3.

The Bulimia outbreak was no laughing matter

The Bulimia outbreak was no laughing matter

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