Interview: Buddying up with Brian Allgeier on Fuse


Screen-shot-2012-09-13-at-9.03.01-PMWhen the shit hits the fan a few co-op buddies can make any shooter that little bit more fun. Brian Allgeier aims to take it to the next level with Insomniac Game’s Fuse. After experiencing first hand both the single and co-op campaigns I sat down and chatted with the man.

Brian_Allgeier_Green_BGD_small_reasonably_smallMeet Brian Allgeier, Creative Director on Fuse. He’s been working in the games industry for over 20 years and spent close to 15 at Insomniac Games overseeing a mammoth number of Ratchet and Clank titles after some early stabs at Spyro.

Today he talks about the four-player co-op madness that is Fuse. Check out the interview below.

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Cover me… reload

Say hello to the rag-tag group of bad-asses comprising Overstrike 9


Dalton Brooks: Team Leader

Play style: Tank

Weapon: Magshield

Sporting a large Fuse powered shield that blocks enemy attacks, Dalton is Overstrike 9’s shield. He supplies instant cover perfect for assisting in the revival of downed team members. Secondary fire blasts the shield out at your opponents with devastating force, magnificent for crowd control.



Isabelle Sinclair: Tech Specialist

Play style: Healer

Weapon: Shattergun

A combination of Fuse and a rare metal called Melanite the Shattergun crystallizes on impact and can be used to shatter opponents with lethal efficiency. The gun fires a health beacon as its secondary function, which can be used to revive downed teammates and restore health.



Jacob Kimble: Sniper

Play style: Long Range

Weapon: Arcshot

The Arcshot melds together Fuse and Mercury with his weapon dispersing the molten cocktail in streams onto nearby enemies. Though burdened with limited ammo, Jacob is a precise instrument dealing the hurt where it matters. The right shot can change a battle’s momentum if placed right.


Naya Maya: Infiltrator

Play style: Stealth

Weapon: Warp Rifle

Combining Fuse and Antimatter, the Warp Rifle creates small black holes unleashing a devastating amount of damage amidst the confusion. This works beautifully in conjunction with her secondary ability a cloaking field allowing Maya to sneak around, flank enemies and tear them a new one.



Fuse plays a lot like Gears of War in the sense that the combat is relentless. Unlike Gears however, Fuse is not a game where bunkering down is a usable strategy. Enemies are not afraid to advance on you even when under fire. Staying in one place can put you up a creek without a paddle, flanked, surrounded and leaving you no way out.

This is where team-play becomes even more important (and why single player is flawed). The balance between the different abilities allows you to fight off the overwhelming odds using combinations of the special Fuse weapons. For example, you can use Dalton’s shield as cover while lining up the perfect shot with Jacob. Alternately you could freeze your enemies with Isabelle and shatter them with Dalton’s shield pulse and these are just some of the most basic options.

Check out the trailer below and you’ll start to get a better idea of how to work in tandem.

With a solid focus on co-operative elements, Fuse is gearing up to be one of the most enjoyable four-player experiences available this year. The catch-22 here is with such a predominant focus on team play, the single-player is a little lacking. Those players looking for a robust solo experience will find the AI partners a weak second option. Hopefully the single player with get a bit of added spit and polish closer to release, but for now Fuse is still shaping up to be a bucket load of fun for those willing to give it a try with a few buddies.

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