For Your Ears Only: What has become of cheat codes? – with Geek Bomb’s Maude Garrett


144030With easter eggs and insider jokes becoming all too frequent in most releases something has fallen by the wayside, namely cheat codes. Remember the fun you had with big head mode or moon gravity in Tony Hawk? Where have they all gone and how can we being them back?

Gamers - always pushing people's buttons

Gamers love to push people’s buttons

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A prominent TV personality, Maude previously hosted Geek Speak on the Hot 30 countdown, and wrote her own gaming columns. Now, as a presenter, she’s started Geek Bomb with Rae Johnston and hosted the Ladies in Gaming panel at this year’s EB EXPO.

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  • Harley Nero

    i love the idea of blocking achivments til the “cheat codes” are taken off…or until you finish the game. miss cheat codes bad!!

  • Chris Milne

    Diablo 3 didn’t do too much right, but apparently it had a secret level, don’t think it had cows.