Discussion: What are you buying this month?


calendar-stock-250x150Pinch and a punch for the first of the month. February is here and already we are starting to see some blockbuster titles roll out en masse but you can’t grab everything now, can you? Think about having to work to a budget for games, what would be your selection this month?


What’s Alien for “McConaughey”?

Aliens: Colonial Marines

It was a hard decision to make as all of this month’s titles are going to be awesome, however Aliens: Colonial Marines is something I have been waiting for for years! Aside from my inner geek wanting anything Alien related to wash away the salty taste of Prometheus out of my mouth, Aliens: Colonial Marines is offering a new tangent to the Aliens universe, bad-arse first-person shooter action and four-player co-op. This is looking like one of my highlights of the year.

Give us a kiss!

Give us a kiss!

OK geeks and geekettes, you’re up.

Have a look at the titles being released and tell us, what are you looking forward to the most this month?

Chuck a comment down below or the Facebook page and let’s start a discussion!

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