Artsy-Fartsy: Killzone: Mercenary concept art


killzone-3-wallpaper-1920x1080For the longest time I’ve obsessed over concept art. Whether it’s fantasy, sci-fi or whatever, this is to acknowledge the hard yards spent designing the games we love. rawDLC dedicates “Artsy-Fartsy” to those working tirelessly behind the scenes. First up is Killzone: Mercenary.

Check out some of this awesome new artwork for Sony’s upcoming PS Vita title, Killzone: Mercenary. It’s  only just been announced and I am super excited to see where they take this one.
(NB: All images are high resolution, click through to see original)

Great detail

Good to see Sony backing their handheld console, finally.

Neat ship design!

Killzone: Mercenary is ditching the top down shooter style and opting for a fully fledged FPS this time round.


The PS Vita has many new titles to come, but Killzone has a reputation. Expect big things.


Series fans will be happy to hear that Killzone: Mercenaries will still feature famous locations from its universe.


Loving the sporadic use of color here.

Don’t look down.


Great work from the team at Guerrilla Cambridge, I’m really excited to see where they take this! If the artist for these great pictures wants recognition or someone knows the artist’s name, chuck a comment below and we will happily add the details.

To finish off, here is some gameplay footage via VG247

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