Review: DmC – Devil May Cry


TGS_Trailer_Screengrabs_016God damn I loves me some Ninja Theory. Those guys and gals magnificently weave together unbelievably fluid combat, solid acting, exceptional motion-capture and visuals I want to have sex with. DmC, its reboot of Devil May Cry ticks all those boxes and then some.

Dante enjoys a scythe of life

Dante enjoys a scythe of life

Having never played the original franchise at any great length I wasn’t burdened with fanboy goggles picking apart how it differed from its predecessors. I walked in with fresh eyes and loved every second of Ninja Theory’s take on Dante.

“DmC – Devil May Cry — gives you all the ball-breaking, nut-busting, finger-snapping, eye-popping and ridiculously over-the-top action you could ask for. Better yet, Ninja Theory beautifully compliments it with spectacular motion-capture, a vibrant colour palate, insane old-school bosses, a smart-arse protagonist and some of the coolest level designs I’ve ever seen. DmC is so damned satisfying you’ll want to smoke a cigarette afterwards.”

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