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Dead Space 3 is only a week away and it’s evident the team at Visceral Games has worked its arse off to create something with broader appeal, not only targeting horror and franchise fans. I sat down with Producer John Calhoun who gave me skinny on the unholy trilogy.

Dead Space rule 1: Always check your six!

Dead Space rule #1: Always check your six

Dead Space 3 is gearing up to blow your mind with more content than ever before packed into the trilogy’s conclusion. Fans will rejoice to hear the scares are back with a vengeance as this third entry to the series blends high octane action as seen in Dead Space 2 with the silent and tense situations that had you clawing at the edge of your controller from the original.

Before chatting with the game’s producer John Calhoun, he led a presentation detailing a brief overview of the series’ history, a run down of the some of the new features and then I sat down to have hands-on with the first few hours of the game.

From a visual perspective Dead Space 3 is awe inspiring and the character models and creature designs are looking better than ever. The locations vary dramatically. In the short period of time I played l explored a massive city, escaped an exploding ship and a eerily traversed a spaceship graveyard.

The control system has also had an overhaul. The introduction of a crouch button now allows new cover-based combat options and the new roll mechanic should help you get out of harm’s way when getting swarmed by necromorphs.

But don’t take my word for it get Producer John Calhoun’s words, all of them, in my interview below.

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In case you need more convincing here’s the latest trailer.

Dead Space 3 is out on February 7 in Australia.

Its you, you're the rocket man!

It’s you. You’re the rocket man

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