For Your Ears Only: We need more cameos in gaming – with Rae Johnston


dancing-gorbachevCameos, they happen often in movies and on TV so why not video games? We’re not talking easter eggs. Imagine Nathan Drake from Uncharted giving Kratos a hand by emptying a clip into Ares’ face. The lads explore this killer concept with Geek Bomb’s Rae Johnston.

The Amazing Stan Lee, that guy can do ANYTHING!

The Amazing Stan Lee, that guy can do ANYTHING!

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385020_432655466792290_1839397873_nRae Johnston is one half of the Wonder Twins duo that is Geek Bomb. When she’s not out fighting crimes against geekdom using her gaming powers for good she’s working her magic as Social Media and Gaming Editor at Techlife, or acting, or modelling, or… whatever.

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