Discussion: Street Fighter vs. Mortal Kombat



Any fan of beat ’em ups has come to blows over this question with their mates. Which fighter reigns supreme? But why limit yourself to just one? Imagine Street Fighter versus Mortal Kombat. Sure, it may never happen, but if it did what would be your ultimate 2 vs. 2 team?

I’ll lead, my dynamic duo are:

Sagat – Street Fighter

All good 2 vs. 2 teams I’ve created simply must have of a combination of brawn and speed. Sagat is always a good choice because he has stopping power but still moves like the wind thanks to his special attacks, such as Tiger knee or Tiger punch. His reach and size give him even more of an advantage.



Smoke – Mortal Kombat

When I finally got my hands on the locally banned Mortal Kombat, Smoke quickly became my favourite character. His teleportation abilities give him the speed to deal with faster opponents. If that wasn’t enough his “shake” allows you to counter projectiles, which is perfect against projectile spammers.



Ok gang, it’s up to you now.  What d you think of my choices? Do you agree? Disagree?

Who would you choose? Throw your opinions in the comments below and let’s start a discussion!

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  • Harley Nero

    i always thought saget was a harder fight them M.Bison…and i do much prefer smoke as a ninja then a robot… but mine would have to be Ken and Scorpian…ken the much underrated “2nd”to ryu was a much more enjoyable fight for me…he seemed to have the anger drive and scopian well GET OVER HERE!