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Knife_Battlelog_IconMost games worth their salt usually have a fall-back weapon. Something without bullets that gives you one last chance at survival be it knife, club, hammer or crowbar. No matter the weapon, it’s guaranteed to have gotten you out of more than one sticky situation.

There’s so many to choose from. Do you go blunt and brutal or something more precise and pointy?

As usual I’ll kick things off.

Sleep tight

Sleep tight

Thief – The Blackjack

Growing up I always had a soft spot for the Thief series. Even though stealth isn’t the most potent tool in my arsenal, Thief allowed for interesting and diverse tactical options considering its era. The other thing that Thief had going for it was one of the best melee weapons ever, the Blackjack. This tool is a heavy, easily concealed, one-handed club with a leather finish. It guaranteed a silent takedown on an unsuspecting enemy.  I’ve stacked so many bodies in dark corners and bathtubs thanks to this wicked little gem.

The REAL hooded assassin

The REAL hooded assassin

So gang, what’s your weapon of choice? What gets you all stab-happy and slicey-dicey?

Jump into the comments below and let’s talk melee weapons!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/HarleyneroScott Harley Nero Scott

    Big fan of the baseball bat(circa gta) but nothing gives that kick ass stealthy assassian feel like a well placed blade!

  • DoGM3At

    Death’s Scythe was pretty rad. Also, the taser from condemned was intense.