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Top_Games_PC_by_josepaAfter having some juicy hands on time with Dead Space 3 this week my mind drifts to franchises, sequels, threequels and anything with a number at the end, which seem to be leading the charge in 2013. What series keeps you coming back for more time and time again?

For me, the answer was simple…

The Fallout series

+10 to badass

+10 to Bad-arse

This is one of the first franchises I ever fell in love with. Fallout painted a vivid and desolate picture of the world, offered an interesting and unique take on the RPG genre and subsequently ate up months of my life. Fallout 2 took everything I loved about the series and worked out the kinks. The story continued to get better and better as the name became synonymous with cult classic. Years passed and then out of the blue a third title arises under the Bethesda flag. Fallout 3 kicked serious ass and New Vegas kept enough of the same humour and style from the original titles to make this a franchise to remember.

War, war never changes

War, war never changes

OK gang, what series has set your world on fire? Chuck in a comment in below and let’s start a discussion!

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  • Snake

    For me it comes in different series for different types of games. RPG is Mass Effect loved those games and its the only RPG series that I’ve ever finished. FPS has to be Killzone. It was so different for its time on the consoles. But the games that changed me from a PC Gamer to a console just so I could play the whole series after I loved the 2nd game was the METAL GEAR SOLID series. Can’t go by those games and always go back and replay them when I’ve got nothing else to play. Snnnaaakkkeee!!!!