Discussion: What are your Wii U first impressions?


Love it or hate it, the Wii U is everywhere right now. Nintendo is throwing everything into its launch and it only seems right to take a closer look and dissect this unique platform. How is it stacking up? Will it change how we game or is it all just another distraction?

Mass Effect 3 now with tablet controls

Though we will be covering this in a lot more detail next week, here are my first impressions:

The controller

It’s lighter than expected and surprisingly easy to use. The finish is nice though a bit of a dust magnet. The camera has yet to serve a purpose and the screen feels more like a distraction than an innovation. The controller lasts for a decent period of time considering its functionality, battery life is a solid 3 – 3.5 hours.

The console

Lacking any DVD, media functionality or American video services (such as Netflix) limits the Wii U it to a gaming only console. Most of the experiences so far are hindered by massive time-consuming updates. Some of the applications have potential. The web browser , in particular, is kind of neat though it lacks any HTML 5 support so a lot of video content is unreadable.

Launch titles

Those which have been ported from other consoles really look great and are offer Wii U gamers an entry into High Definition graphics (or HD) for the first time. However, for anyone who has already played these games on other consoles it leaves only the shovelware titles and the likes of ZombiU. There are some innovative and quirky uses for the pad in all the launch titles, but nothing so far has felt like anything more than a gimmick.

Choose your weapon!

Ok gang, you’re turn.What do you think of the Wii U?

Do you have one yourself? Do you want one at all? Chime on in and lets start a discussion!

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  • spanners

    Well to be perfectly honest i really dont know what to think of the wiiU just as yet. Until i get one ( if i get one) i’m not really going to make any judgement calls. I’ve been seeing a lot of these pictures of the hand held controller and in every pick they seems to have some sort of map from the game itself, is that all that the controller shows you when your in game? are the visuals like the old wii or have they been tampered with as well for the better? i’ll just stick around until U tells me other wise :)