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Transformers_prime_optimusAfter the surprisingly fun Transformers: War for Cybertron and the equally as enjoyable sequel Transformers: Fall of Cybertron I hoped against hope that Transformers Prime – The Game would follow suit. Unfortunately it looks like lightning will not strike thrice.

Pew pew... pew pew pew!

Pew pew… pew pew pew!

Transformers Prime – The Game is quite possibly the most linear game I’ve ever played. The character designs are well translated, the controls are functional for the most part (except when the lock on wigs out), it’s just that there’s not a whole hell of a lot to do in the game. It’s basically clear an area of enemies, collect inconsequential collectables, defeat boss and move on. There are the briefest moments of exploration, a wafer thin plot, collectables for the sake of collectables and some of the most outrageous difficulty spiking bosses I’ve ever encountered. Almost to the point of prickishness.

You’ll almost be nonchalantly cruising your way through levels until an obligatory boss fight, wail all over the Decepticon in question until you whittle them down to their final third of health and then insanity begins. Combinations you couldn’t dream of making get unleashed and time and time again I called “bullshit” at the screen after being forced to restart after getting defeated so painfully and almost insultingly cheap.

Autobot ballet was a big hit this year

Autobot ballet was a big hit this year

The multiplayer facet is limited at best and doesn’t hold much interest or express much originality. You pretty much go head-to-head with three other combatants in a free-for-all, modified moving King of the Hill or low energy Deathmatch to rack up the kills. All modes are uninspired and almost instantly forgettable.

It’s not all ready to kick the proverbial rust bucket though. Many of the namesake animated series voice actors reprise their roles and do a decent enough job considering the limited script they have to work with. Jeffrey Combs brings great balance to Ratchet, Frank Welker has the right about of disdain/menace as Megatron, Gina Torres is a rock solid as Airachnid and Peter Cullen always brings the goods a the voice of Optimus Prime.

A kick and turn and step and pivot and... jazz hands!

A kick and turn and step and pivot and… jazz hands!

The controller touch screen functionality is virtually non-existent other than tapping it (or a corresponding shoulder button – a far more practical option) for an enhanced combat attack when fully charged. There are several forced driving sections where you HAVE to use the gyroscope to navigate and the less said about those the better.

Transformers Prime – The Game is an absolutely average game, in almost every capacity. It does a passable job across the line but leaves very little impact or lasting impression. I can almost guarantee you’ll immediately trade it in once you reach it’s conclusion. I know I sure did, and I couldn’t so it fast enough.


The entire final boss battle looks pretty much like this

The entire final boss battle looks pretty much like this

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