12 Days of Wii U: Happiest Nintendo moments


triforceWith our Wii U Christmas special off to a shaky start (see my ZombiU review here), I thought it would be fun to chat about some of the happier memories I have for the Nintendo brand. Think back over the years from the NES to Wii, what are your favourite moments?

Sure, its not that amazing now, but when I first saw this it blew my mind.

It’s not that amazing now, but when I first saw this it blew my mind

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

My favourite Nintendo memory is when I got my hands on a friend’s Nintendo 64 for the first time. Sure he may have only had The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, but that was enough. I had it for an entire weekend and I was determined to finish it. I played almost solidly for 48 hours and even though I didn’t finish it I was so happy with everything the game had to offer.

Th final fight series is also a personal favourite

The Final Fight series is also a personal favourite

Final Fight

I remember a bunch of friends and I bandied our dollars together and rented out a SNES back in the day. Our goal was to finish all off the Final Fight series in two days. After hours of controller swapping, blisters and a ton of junk food we walked away victorious. Good times.

OK people, you’re up, what are  some of the fondest Nintendo memories you have?

Have a think, post a comment and let’s start a discussion!

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    Golden Eye, Smash Brothers and Mario Kart with my friends after school/weekends.