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As we continue to smash through the week,the 12 days of Wii U have taken us to strange and interesting places. Now it we hit some familiar territory, Josh returns to Assassin’s Creed III again to see if the Wii U’s new features can polish up an average game. 

The gamepad adds new functionality as your map

The gamepad adds new functionality as your map

Returning to Assassin’s Creed III is an odd experience. If you listened to our podcast (found here) you will know we were all pretty disappointed. Sure the game may have several interesting and enjoyable aspects to it (the naval battles an easy highlight) but at its core its difficult to look past the temperamental controls and repetitive gameplay. However, it is far from terrible and it’s only fair to Wii U fans we take a quick look at the differences.

Assassin’s Creed III is thankfully a straight port of the existing game. No missions or areas have been shaved or reorganised to allow for the new hardware. It still runs pretty much the same. You still get to hunt and enjoy the breathtaking naval battles and the story will offer fans of the series the same level of depth and style it always has.

As far as the controls go running and jumping are still a little clunky and the combat can feel a little too easy now that it is down to a one button attack or counter system. The Wii U gamepad adds the ability to see the map without going to the menu which can be useful at times. Weapons can also be changed by the touch of a button and during naval battles it can be used to fire cannons.

Naval battles are still awesome

Naval battles are still chock full of awesome

On the technical side, however, it does has some pressing issues. The game froze numerous times, forcing a hard reset and the graphics have a tendency to pop in dramatically when there is a lot of action on screen. This is not a welcome addition if you consider the large number of glitches the game already suffers from in other console versions.

Assassin’s Creed III is a passable release on the Wii U. Out of the launch titles available it probably has the longest amount of gameplay available along side Batman: Arkham City -Armoured Edition. There is plenty to keep you occupied as long as you don’t mind your experience being a little glitchy.

6 / 10

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