Weekend Discussion: Best assassination missions


Having just begun Assassins Creed III, I was reminded of why I love a good clean assassination, a little creepy, yes, I know. With Assassins Creed III and Dishonored out now and Hitman: Absolution creeping up soon, its time to talk assassination missions.

For me the missions that left an impression were:

Hitman: Codename 47

Mission 1

Damn, I need to scratch…

Going a little old school here but the first time I played this mission it stuck with me and I must have repeated it over a dozen times. Something about the cold and calculated nature of finding that elevator, ascending to the roof and then unloading that rifle all felt so different to anything I had played before. After taking the shot I dropped the rifle, returned to the street and casually walked to the exit. Like a boss.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

All Ghillied Up


 As far as assassination missions go, this section of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is one of the most thrilling I’ve ever experienced. All stealth is nerve racking but crawling across an open field in broad daylight with an army about to step on you is a whole other story. When you finally take up your position and look down the scope, you know you have earned the kill… or not.

Grand Theft Auto IV

Hook, line and sinker

Deep breaths

Not the hardest mission in the world but it is fun to wait for the boat to come close to shore, find a decent vantage point and then take care of business. Bang. Headshot. Splash.

Ok gang its your game now, what have been some of your favourite “hit” missions?

Add your picks, comment on each others posts and let’s start a discussion!


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  • spanners

    All Ghillied Up in modern warfare would have to be my all time assassination play. crawling along the ground and tall weeds for then all of a sudden you have a whole battalion up your ass and walking all over you and you cant do anything about it but just lay there still..Awesome!!! Then to get on the target and the cross winds ( On Hard ) are crazy for you to make a shot but you do then you have a Hind Chopper chasing you down.