Review: 007 Legends


I had some semblance of hope for 007 Legends. Yes, if history has taught me nothing it’s that movie tie-ins are, as a whole, terrible. Yet I had faith. Mainly as developer Eurocom, those fine fellows behind GoldenEye’s reboot, were at the helm. I was wrong, dead wrong.

Pew pew… pew pew pew!

This is a prime example of a shoddy and rushed out final product to coincide with a movie release and make a quick grab for merchandising cash off the general public who should know better by now.

The end result left me shaken, not stirred.

“Some level designs are ripped directly from GoldenEye HD and those that aren’t are sparse and lack anything remotely resembling character. The gunplay is just as hit and miss, literally. Nameless henchmen will continuously respawn until you clear an area and at times have the ability to shoot directly through cover. I even watched guards miraculously materialise directly in front of me out of thin air! Your own legendary firearm prowess is temperamental at the best of times, so sometimes it’s a one shot kill and others you’ll unload close to an entire clip before the sucker goes down. This is not what I signed up for, M.”

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  • spanners

    to be honest i’m not a huge 007 fan playing the last one ( goldenEye) on the Nintendo64 console, actually had a look at this and it seems pretty dang good in my opinion. Goldeneye rocked on the Nintendo64 and i’m thinking that this one will kick ass as well.