For Your Ears Only: Lengthy game openings and engaging your audience – with Anthony O’Connor


Given the mixed reactions to the opening to Assassin’s Creed III, with some loving the slow burn beginning and others criticising its plodding, it posed an important question. How long is too long for an introduction to last before getting the main plot started?

Gotta get that boom boom BOOM!

Considering the differing schools of thought on this matter the lads from rawDLC enlisted the help of Anthony O’Connor to tackle this issue. Is it OK if it’s an role playing game, as is traditionally seen in Japanese RPGs? How much can measured pacing be taken into account? Tune in to this incredibly irreverent look at blockbuster openings and how long they should last.

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For those of you unfamiliar with our good buddy Anthony here’s a blurb about him, by him.

Anthony O’Connor is a writer, film/game critic and scruffy ne’er-do-well. He has written screenplays for the Australian black comedy Angst, the office horror Redd Inc. (with Jonathon Green) and worked with Alex (The Crow) Proyas and Michael (Battlestar Gallactica) Rymer.

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  • spanners

    I for one can say i was very upset about the long introduction on ACIII and to make matters worse, to get a similar game play as in revelations just different storyline and outlay i pretty much pissed it off as soon as i finished it. If you are going to have a intro that long it has to lead to something within the game afterwards, not the same shit as previous games. My 20cent’s anyway ;)

  • kozeeii

    That’s 18 cents too much Spanners ;p Totally agree though. I found this the least appealing addition to the franchise.