Discussion: Hitman: Absolution or Far Cry 3?


We’re all pretty busy at the moment with new games showing up every five minutes. So, I’ve decided to keep this week’s discussion simple. Picture this: you’re at a store with only enough money for one game, Far Cry 3 or Hitman: Absolution. Which do you choose?

My choice is Far Cry 3.

Worst hangover. Ever.

Sure Hitman: Absolution is a wicked experience but Far Cry 3 is truly stunning in every possible way. The environment is huge and filled with side quests. The camera system is pure perfection and Vas has to be one of the best game villains ever created and sensationally motion captured. The combat is rich and rewarding with an entire arsenal to discover and customize, bows in particular are a really nice addition to the experience.

I’ve spent next to no time on main missions, instead taken to hunting animals, searching for treasure and paragliding. No matter how much I want to follow the story I am just too easily sidetracked by everything else the game has to offer. This hasn’t happened to me since I delved into The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

I don’t pay tolls

OK peeps, you’re up.

Which game is tickling your fancy, throw up your choice and why it interests you. Let’s start a discussion.

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  • PSIress

    Far Cry 3 for me, Vas is one of the main reasons, he is an awesome villain!

    I also get sidetracked a lot with everything in the environment, especiialy hunting. I’m nearly 10 hours in and still on mission 3.

  • bigpav53

    I went Hitman over Farcry as I did not enjoy Farcry 2 as much as I enjoyed the Hitman series. Hitman is hard as nails and not a douchebag character, sorry Jason but your a twat!

  • spanners

    i would buy hitman in a heart beat and then go home and check out my stash of games that i dont want, then head on back and trade them in for farcry 3 as i dont have any money left…..simple Win-Win!! ;)