Discussion: Create your own sequel

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Pick a game, any game. Now imagine you were given the cash to take the reins and make a sequel. What would you do? Would you add more guns, change the main character, rework the plot? The choices are endless, so start thinking and let’s start a discussion.

My pick will not surprise rawDLC fans:

Vampire: The Masquerade

I’m sure that many fans of this game have spent long nights dreaming up sequel ideas to but here are my thoughts.

1) Bigger city

Vampire: The Masquerade was built on the Source Engine, needless to say it had its limitations. Besides being buggy as hell it also was limited to loading small areas at a time and even though they did an amazing job with what they had. I would love to see this game reinvented with a giant open city complete with alleys to prey on victims, more pawn shops, seedy motels and all accessible without loading screens.

Shotguns, like bug spray for vampires

2) Better combat

This game offered a ballsy amount of options for you to use, however the system around using these tools was broken. Knifes, guns, magic and brute strength all sound good but the execution sadly lacked polish. I would give my left nut to have seen more work on combat physics, gun mechanics and maybe add some dynamic hand to hand combat. Think Sleeping Dogs but with vampires. Yeah, that would be sweet.

Do you feel lucky?

3) Graphics overhaul

The first game is starting to get on in years, so now would be a perfect opportunity to bring this game back with that HD shine with a focus on improved  lighting, better character models and maybe more atmosphere.The locations in the first game were terrifying and twisted with a little more work it could give games like Dead Space a run for their money.

Needs more HD

Ok, gang, what would your choice be and what would you do with it?

Take some time with it and let’s start a discussion!

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  • TheRealTupac

    Conkers bad fur day of course. Just continuing the story after the tragic but amazing ending. The combination of platforming and adventuring was fantastic, it was like super mario 64 but with an adult twist. Not to mention a multiplayer mode which most games should take notes from. Apart from your obvious straight up team death match, you had modes where half the team could be dinosaurs and the other half being cavemen, the caveman’s objective being to steal the dinosaur eggs, fry them and eat them, they gave you bots in every mode(looking at you every FPS since 2005).

    The game might not even need a sequel just a remake and not the remake that was on the first Xbox which cut out all the classic multiplayer bits and censored most of the “rude” parts of the game, for a game that was released on N64 you would think a few years later on a more “adult” console they would not only keep all the explicit content but perhaps take a stab at expanding the storing.

    To finish my point on this matter i would either just remake the entire original game with the HD Graphics not an upscale an actual remake with new sprites, new cutscenes. I would also add new map packs, paroding many of todays iconic shooter games e.g Counter Strike, Halo, Gears of War and this goes without saying, a zombie mode. The singles players zombie level was fantastic and giving it a horde style mode where your friends could be zombie squirrels or teddies would be so much fun. The cutesy style of conker mixed with the adult nature of it created one of the best games i have ever played. The multiplayer could even be sold on its own accord and would still be better than half the games out there trying to get multiplayer done right, Aiight we out son.