Weekend Discussion: Favourite Strategic Units


Over the past week I’ve been smashing out XCOM: Enemy Unknown and loving every minute of it. With all of the games released lately it’s easy enough for strategy titles to slip through the cracks. Not on my watch soldier. Let’s talk about the best strategic units.

Why not start by breaking out the big guns?

The mother of all tanks

Mammoth Tank (Command & Conquer: Red Alert)

Most strategy titles feature tanks, but only Command & Conquer has the Mammoth tank. Not only does it lay waste to everything in its path with its twin cannons, but it also has a rocket pack to swat away with those pesky airborne units.

Two word tactics – run away

Ultralisk (StarCraft)

Now I’m sure that hardcore StarCraft fans will have other choices to counter this but I personally love the psychological fear which manifests when a few Ultralisks start rolling up on an ememy’s base. Sporting huge damage and huge health these beasts can be  the stuff nightmares are made of.


Gotta get that boom, boom, BOOM!

Big Bertha (Total Annihilation) 

Sure, this it technically a building but it’s going in anyway. Big Bertha’s range made it one of the most terrifying weapons in the game. This gun could pop a shot about halfway across the map and leave nothing but scrap metal!

Calling out all strategy fans, it’s time to talk geek! What are your favourite top down wonders?

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