Weekend Discussion: Favourite Gaming Personalities


If you haven’t heard yet Cliff “don’t call me Cliffy B” Bleszinski has departed from Epic Games. Though the news greatly saddens me each must choose their own path. I will remember him for the impact he had on gaming. In his honor, let’s talk gaming personalities.

Oh Cliff, you so dreamy

My pick (surprise, surprise) is Cliff Bleszinski.

The man dragged me away from my epic PC (bazinga! – Dave) and onto an Xbox with Gears of War. He’s dropped so many quotes throughout his career about the state of the gaming and being a gamer, he was great with a controller and cared about the industry. He was a person who gamed, not a gamer, and he wanted society to see us as such.

“I hope that people see that we’re people, we’re cool. We have cool jobs and we have unique lives. I hope that’s revealed.” – Cliff Bleszinski

Your turn chaps and chapettes. Who do you think deserves to be in the spotlight for their work in the industry?

The OG of Epic games, Jazz Jackrabbit

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