Weekend Discussion: Christmas Lists


The end of the year is fast approaching and with it comes the last batch of the blockbuster game titles. With so many great games pouring out it seems like a good time to make a Christmas list. So kiddies, take a knee and tell us what you want from Santa this year.

As always, I’ll start with my picks…

Now how do I get up there?

Halo 4

I know not everyone agrees with this choice and that the fanboy in me is guiding my decision, however I do always have a great time smashing through any Halo experience. I have no doubt this with be the same as well.

What a beautiful day, TO KILL!

Hitman: Absolution

Since Hitman first arrived on PC I have been in love with Agent 47. Controversy aside, I just want to see what Hitman has to offer and slowly planning and carrying out hits has never looked so good. I can’t wait to get more time with this bad boy.

I am Bat… er… Forget it

Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation

I know the focus for many people is Assassin’s Creed III, but as a handheld fiend, the idea of a huge open world game for the Vita excites me. Hello portable fun, goodbye productivity.

Ok gang, what’is on your radar this Christmas and what do you want in your stockings?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/Big.Pavlova Gavin Petersen

    After playing some AC3 I am excited, also Hitman and a WII U. Nah just kidding Nintendo can suck my left one!

  • PSIress

    Hitman is my most wanted this year, followed by far cry 3.

    Halo 4 and need for speed most wanted are probably going to be presents on my list.

  • spanners

    Right across the board i think with hitman. It has been FAR Too Long since blood money ( mid 2006 ) and i’m hanging to see this new engine they have. Bring on Nov 20 damm it!!!!