Review: Mark of the Ninja


It almost pains me to say this, but I kind of like stealth games again. Not so much the traditional sneaky sneaky ones. More so the ones where when it all goes FUBAR you have the tools at your disposal to leave a pile of bodies in your wake… with a little style, flair and panache.

Come to Japan she said, get a tattoo, we’ll have a few laughs…

Mark of the Ninja lets you get you smoke bomb on, but also manages to cater for those who prefer more heavy handed methods.

“… you’ll have countless options to weave your way through each level. You can sneak to avoid detection, use distraction techniques or attack items or take a more direct approach and gut anything in your way like a fish. The smorgasbord of choice is impressive and will have you replaying each level time and time again finding new methods to complete each one as well as tackling the optional objectives laid out.”

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What a heartless bastard!


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